First Aid treatment: What to do when someone has been poisoned

If someone around you has been poisoned, whether on intention or by accident, it would be bad if you are stuck and unable to offer assistance.
You must get medical help at once, please don’t try treating them yourself lest you cause more damage.


The necessity of getting professional help cannot be overemphasized, especially when the person is unconscious. While waiting for help to arrive, there are a few things you can do:


If the person is conscious, try to make them sit still and spit out whatever is still in their mouth. Don’t force it or try to make them throw up, for example with palm oil. If a cleaning agent is swallowed, for example bleach, check the container/label for information on what to do if there is accidental poisoning.
If unconscious, you should put them to lie on their side with their upper leg pulled forward a bit. Place a cushion or something at their back for support. This is to prevent them from choking on vomit as this could be worse than the effect of the poison.

3. CPR

If you can do CPR, and you notice the person isn’t breathing or you can’t feel the heartbeat, then by all means go ahead with it pending the arrival of medical persons. You can check this site for a guide on how to do CPR.


It is extremely helpful when you can provide detailed information about what poison was swallowed, when it was taken, why, how, and how much was taken. Having the container, for example, a pill bottle if an overdose was taken, also helps to identify the poisonous substance and helps healthcare providers give speedy treatment.
It is assumed in this article that the person has swallowed the poisonous sibstance,. Poisoning may also happen when you inhale dangerous fumes, the substance touches your skin or is injected into your body. Some substances are dangerous when taken in excess such as drugs, while some are only deadly when swallowed, for example bleach.

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