“I Am Not Married” – Charles Okocha Replies Lady Who Says She’s His Wife

Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha, whose alleged wife reportedly warned a lady to stay away from him, with the latter alleging that she has never met the actor, Charles Okocha has taken to his Instagram page to settle the dispute, and dispel the rumour of being married.
The single father of one who disclosed that ‘marriage is a sacred and a joyous thing to be associated with, and only fools live in denial after a public declaration of affection backed up with a vow’, wrote;
“Flip side of the Coin…! Originally I am known to be Rough rugged and Raw but I believe that I have come to that point where I have to be respectful, loyal and Straight to all my FRIENDS FAMILY AND FANS…. Marriage is sacred and a Joyous thing to be associated with and only fools live in denial after a public declaration of affection backed up with a VOW…. Hey FAMZ AMOSHINE ain’t married, never have been but someday would show the world whoever the choice would be.
What’s wrong with playing around for a lil while with someone you met on the street and staying real…? When we rude they scream for help and when we play right in respect they turn it to an opportunity to mess your reputation.
Here is the fact…! Every woman wants to b with a real man…! Most women chose fame in the game with no shame….! Sorry I can make you popular but ask and YOU SHALL RECEIVE
What’s gone wrong with the world, who goes around spreading rumors that are unrealistic, very untrue and absolutely stupid…! The world knows about my LIL CUTE PRINCE (LIL-YUNG-SHINE) and he has the most respected mother who is gorgeous and adorable but stays private as a woman of integrity and Career woman with so much to show for it…!
Speak for the TRUTH and stay in PEACE or stay in lies and remain in Pain….! Hey peeps I have been around the world and seen so many faces, races and ages but this is unreal…. Ma homie boy BEST told me to speak out so the world can know am so NOT MARRIED so shame on the lil desperate MAMA with no regard for her self…!
About the POST on IG, I am an entertainer and I have been paid to make the young innocent girl famous for what she represent and some low self esteem FOOLS took ma hustle for Pain..! So much left to say… but am still short of words… BOTTOM LINE IS AMOSHINE AINT GAT NO WIFE…! If you ever wanna shine only speak what you know!!!!”

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